private events


If you would like to talk about a private event in your home or workplace, please be in touch via the Contacts page.


“Alexander was easy to work with. He was professional, dependable and provided a great experience for participants. He quickly agreed to a time, date and location and stuck with it. He provided his own poster to help market the presentation. After Alexander's presentation I kept hearing how amazed people were. Over and over participants said, ‘I don't know how he did it!’ People enjoyed the presentation very much and immediately began asking me when Alexander was going to come back.”

– Northampton Senior Services

“People at the club are still talking about your performance!!  You certainly did a wonderful job with your presentation.”

– Amherst Woman’s Club

“We are still talking about it and again everyone really enjoyed your performance.”

– Private event

“Alexander George draws his audience in with his voice, the historic narrative background facts, AND the Illusions. On every level it is an enjoyable presentation.  Highly recommended.”

– Easthampton Council on Aging and Enrichment Center

“Thank you Alexander!  Everyone enjoyed the evening immensely and we appreciated you staying and chatting with our guests - your ‘show’ is a great way to bring people together for enjoyment and connects people who otherwise don’t all know each other.”

– Private event