“It was truly a magical evening watching Alexander mesmerize the audience throughout his performance.”

“You won’t believe it until you see it, and your conviction that only demonstrable ‘cause and effect’ are plausible will be forever in doubt.”

“Does he have psychic powers?  His awareness is so heightened.  He reads subtle body language, verbal cues, tones and volume variations, culminating in an amazing, incredible, almost frightening mentalism.”

“I was fascinated. I went in skeptical and by the end I was blown away. I don't know how he did it.”

“My wife and I have not had such an enjoyable evening out in Northampton in years.”

“A truly wonderful night. We were all up until two in the morning trying to figure out how in the world Alexander did some of those tricks. Entertaining, thought-provoking, and inspiring.”

“Incredible, phenomenal, he is so good! Please come back. I can't wait until next year!”

“I found your tricks enchanting and mind-blowing!”

“His performance was mind boggling!”

“What a fabulous evening! My brain was buzzing long after we left-how did you do what you did? I have some theories, but it doesn't matter-I would go again and again, and I think I'd be astonished every time. Thank you!!”

“Amazing performance and Alexander is truly mind-boggling amazing. … I loved that Alexander intersperses philosophy within his ‘tricks.’ HIGHLY recommended. And the food at Iconica is fantastic. A unique, wonderful, wild evening. I will go again!”

“Alexander is something you cannot imagine. I loved how we were completely involved in his every move and could not imagine how he caught wind of our thoughts, maybe influenced our thoughts. It was magic with us as the main characters and actors, without knowing or understanding a thing. The whole evening was a delight. The food unusual, tasty, kind to gluten free folk (me, a CELIAC). Try it. You might even want to return. I do!”

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From  THE AMHERST MAGAZINE  (photo by Tony Luong)

From THE AMHERST MAGAZINE (photo by Tony Luong)

From  New England Public Radio  (photo by Tom Wood)

From New England Public Radio (photo by Tom Wood)